Biaya Pendaftaran
(Line Follower)
Rp 150.000,00

Biaya Pendaftaran
(Wheeled Fire Fighting Robot )
Rp 200.000,00


Line Follower Robot is a robot that can move along thick colored lines black with a white background or follow a thick white line with a background black. In the process of following the line, the robot needs a line reader sensor, the sensor proximity from infrared. We can make this sensor ourselves.

Wheeled Fire Fighting Robot

A division where the robot uses a wheel as a means of motion with a mission to find and put out the fire in the arena. In this division, the priority is speed and the ability of robots to navigate and maneuver in finding and putting out fires in an arena with a certain map. The team that succeeds in finding and putting out the fastest fire will be the winner. This competition is carried out in groups of members 2 participants and 2 mechanics from each team and each team accompanied by 1 supervisor.